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Wicked Activities to Keep the Kids Occupied During the Holidays


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When school’s out for the summer, it can fill us parents with a bit of dread. You’re going to need to come up with a lot of ways to keep your kids stimulated and occupied over the summer. This is often easier said than done. These are some wicked activities to keep the children occupied during the summer.

Get Them to Join a Local Club

Over the summer, the children might get restless and stir-crazy. But it’s not practical for you to keep thinking up new activities for them every single day. So what you need to do instead is get them to join a local sports club. That way they will have outlets to keep them occupied over the summer. This is a fantastic way to get the children interested in sport and help them socialise with others.

Water Sports

What better activity in the hot weather than to take part in some water sports? These are fun and refreshing, not to mention they keep you pretty fit. Try to get the kids interested in things other than swimming. Something like kayaking would be ideal. So take a look at the top inflatable and budget inflatable kayak reviews for 2015. This is an interesting and fun-filled activity the children could take part in. There are other sorts of water sports like water polo that might appeal to them too.

Have a Day Out

It’s not good to be cooped up indoors all day, especially in the summertime when the weather is nice. You need to make sure you get out and enjoy yourselves. Often a change of scenery can be hugely important. Take the kids on a family day out somewhere. Try to take their interests into account and pick a place that will appeal to them. This is a great way to broaden their minds and expand their experiences. And there are plenty of days out you can do that are free of charge or cheap.

Make Music

Learning a musical instrument is a fantastic thing for your kids to do. Music taps into the creative channels we have. It’s a brilliant way to get the brain functioning and to channel emotions. Children can find it difficult to express themselves. And music provides an outlet for them to do this. This summer you could dedicate some time to making music with the children. If you can play an instrument too, that’s even better. Maybe you can get together as a family and make some music.

Teach Them to Drive

If you have older children, you might think about teaching them how to drive. Of course, they’re going to require lessons in order to do this properly. But, for the time being there’s nothing wrong with you giving them a few lessons now. Make sure you’re sensible with how long you let them stay behind the wheel. Think about where you’re going to be driving and check out the condition of the car.

Of course, there are plenty more options available as well. It’s just a case of making sure you provide activities to stimulate the children. You’re in for a long summer with the kids off school, so you need activities to fill the time. Put your thinking cap on and brainstorm a list of activities they could do.


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