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Vacation Packing Tips

There are many things to remember when preparing for your vacation. Here are three tips to help you with your packing.

Create a packing list ahead of time
The number one problem that most vacationers have in common is that they leave things behind. As soon as you arrive at your destination, you are likely to realize you forgot something. The best way to get around this is to start making your list several days in advanced. Be as complete as you can the first time. From that moment until the time you begin to pack, you will undoubtedly remember one or more items you need to pack, so you can add them to your list. This will not guarantee you will not leave something behind, but there is a less likely chance. It is the people who wait until the last minute that usually forget the most.

Don’t fold your clothes, roll them
I learned this from my backpacking trips. Space is at a premium when you have to carry everything yourself. When you roll your clothes, you will be able to fit more inside the same space compared to folding them. Also, only pack what you need. On long hikes lasting several days, I was able to wash some clothes. This same lesson works with vacations. Find out if there are laundry facilities where you are staying. If you can do laundry, this will cut down on the amount of clothes you need to pack.

Pack your medication in your carry-on bag
If you are traveling by air, always keep your medication in the bag you are taking on the plane. You should also keep any valuables in this bag as well. Do not trust the airline with your essential items. However, even if you are traveling by rail, boat or car, you should keep your medication separate. Even if you are only taking a single pill each day, it is going to be a lot easier to get to your medication when it is packed separately.

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