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Useful Tips for the First Time Travellers

Travelling overseas – or even across the country – can be incredibly nerve wracking; especially if it is your first time. There’s many things that make your impending travel a hard task (even though it’s supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating time for you), but with these handy hints and tips you’ll find your holiday to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done!

Lock Your Suitcase

It seems like a silly, unnecessary and time wasting thing to do – however it is insanely important when travelling overseas. Unfortunately, humans are unpredictable and during your travels, your luggage will be in the hands of many people whom you don’t know – and may accidently come into the hands of someone who will place something illegal inside of it. Be safe, lock your bag!
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Research into the Customs of your Holiday Destination

Different countries have different customs – that’s just a fact. For example, most people are aware that the tipping system in America is of great importance and aids in the functioning of their country, economically speaking. Most places you go to across the United States will be very welcoming and understanding of your lack of knowledge to the gratuity system; however, some countries may not have the same nature and will find it rude if you’re unaware of their customs – so it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research before you jet off. You may even learn something new; like chewing gum is illegal in Singapore!

Pack Lightly!

You’re probably sick of people telling you, but it is so important to pack lightly. When packing, you need to be realistic about what you’re actually going to wear and/or use on your holiday. If you’re vacationing to England in the middle of winter, are you really going to need your hair straightener if your hair is going to be shoved in a beanie the entire time? All the stuff you think you’re going to need (but deep down know you won’t) will just take up valuable space in your suitcase. When you’re jumping on the Paris Metro with two seconds before it slams in your face, you don’t want to be struggling with a bag twice the size of you! Besides, we all know that when we go on holiday, we buy more things than our credit cards can handle – you’re going to need room to shove it all in!

Punctuality is Key!

Your mother probably always told you, the latest I like to be is 15 minutes early, and though being first to a party is painful, embarrassing and you resent your mother for making you arrive first– she is right in this case. You don’t want to be that person they’re calling out over the intercom at LAX, telling the whole airport that you’re about to miss your flight. Once the doors have been closed, that’s it – the plane won’t wait for you! You’ll be able to go to the gate and watch the plane sit on the tarmac for another 15 minutes, but they won’t open those doors back up for you. Be on time!

Holidays are meant to be fun, not stressful, so if you use these tips you’ll find yourself having the easiest, most carefree holiday that everyone dreams about. Good luck, and happy holidaying!

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