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Top Tips For Taking Young Children To The Theatre

As a parent, you will want to introduce your children to new and exciting things as often as possible. Taking your child to see a theatre show is an enjoyable experience that you can share together. With shows running year long up and down the country, it’s easier than ever to find a show they would love. You could take them for their birthday, Christmas, Easter or just as a treat for being good. However, many parents get very anxious about taking their child to the theatre for the first time, as they are unsure how they will react. Use this guide to prepare yourself and your child for a fun-filled theatre trip to remember.

Help your child get prepared

It’s important that you make your child feel ready for this experience before you get there. If you’ve chosen a pantomime based on a classic children’s story, read them the story to get them interested in the characters and plot. They will quickly lose interest in the show if they don’t understand the story so this will be highly beneficial. You can also talk to them about the things they are likely to see and hear such as the lights, curtains and audience. Explain that the room gets a little darker, and people will clap and cheer throughout the performance, so they don’t get taken by surprise. This preparation beforehand will put you both at ease during the day.




Choose a suitable show

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for London or Blackpool shows; you are guaranteed to be met with a huge selection to choose from. With so many available it can be difficult to know which ones will be appropriate for your child. Your child is unlikely to sit through intervals and lengthy performances without getting bored. Many theaters will provide shows that are aimed at babies, toddlers and school aged children. These are often are shorter in length and without intervals. These shows also include plenty of audience interactions in the form of dancing and singing so the children can feel involved in the show. Enquire about these shows at your chosen theatre as they may be shown at an earlier time too.



Consider where you sit carefully

Often you can choose where you would like to be sat for the performance when you book your tickets. Think carefully about the positioning of your seating in the theatre. This will determine how comfortable you both feel during the performance. If you think your child may need to use the toilet, book an aisle seat if you can. Also, avoid any seats that may have an obstructed view that your child may not be able to see around. The theatre may be able to provide a booster seat, but they will only have a limited amount so bring a cushion from home just in case.
These top tips will ensure you have a fabulous day out experiencing the wonderful world of theatre. It can be a lot of fun for you both and will be a day you both fondly remember

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