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Tips For Saving Money On Holidays

It’s no secret that holidays are expensive. However, they are one of life’s little pleasures that everyone should experience on a regular basis. A vacation is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries after a long and difficult few months at work. They help you deal with stress, anxiety and generally lift your mood. However, when funds are low, holidays are one of the first things that people sacrifice in order to keep their finances in check. But we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. With these tips, you can enjoy a great holiday without breaking the bank.


Take a staycation.

Flights are, in most cases, the most expensive part of going on holiday. So, why not cut out this cost completely by taking a holiday nearby? There are probably plenty of cities and villages in proximity that you are yet to discover. You will need to travel by car, train or bus to get to them, but this will certainly be more affordable than a flight to an exotic destination.

Drop a star.

Choose a two-star or three-star hotel to save yourself money on accommodation. Just because their star rating may be lower than what you used to, that doesn’t mean you will be subjected to terrible conditions or service. The majority of hotels are run very well; they are just given a lower star rating because they are a bit on the basic side. Before you book, check reviews online for a better idea of what you will get for your money.

Split the costs.

On a family holiday, you can divide the costs of self-catered accommodation, food, drink and other expenses with your loved ones.

Make a holiday investment.

If you want to save money on your holidays going forward, why not consider investing in a caravan that you can use for many fun vacations in the future. Check out websites such as for further information on caravans and prices. Once you’ve paid the one-off cost, the maintenance costs are low, and you’ll be able to enjoy affordable holidays for many years to come.

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Be self-sufficient.

Costs for food, drink and entertainment while you are on holiday can seem small individually, but they do add up. Choose self-catered accommodation options so that you can save money on eating out at every meal. If you are staying in a hotel, don’t be afraid to eat in your room – it’s perfectly acceptable. Further, look for free activities you can do while you are away like visiting street festivals, going to the beach and enjoying a picnic in the park.

Go off-peak.

Avoid the busy travel periods as far as possible. During off-peak times, you will get reduced prices on flights, accommodation, and many other elements, and it will be much quieter.

Book early.

Booking as early as possible will save you the most money on your holiday. So, don’t waste any time. Start booking now!


Don’t sacrifice your holidays because of low funds. Use these techniques, and you can enjoy a well-earned break on a budget.

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