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Tips for Becoming an Early Bird

It is not easy for some moms to wake up early in the morning. However, it is useful as most people will get more out of the day when they wake up early. With this in mind, here are five tips on becoming an early bird.

Just get up: After waking up to an alarm, some people will hit the snooze button three or four times. While this is a nice way to gain more sleep, it is not a great practice. Instead, as soon as the alarm goes off, a person should sit up and start their routine.

Warm house: it is not fun to hop out of a warm bed into a frigid room. When doing so, many sneak back under the covers for an extra hour of shut-eye. To avoid this temptation, one should set their heater to turn on before they wake up. With this little trick, an individual can spring out of bed and into a warm house.

Consistent: All-too-often, a person will wake up early on weekdays, only to sleep in till 11 on the weekends. This is not wise, and a person who wants to wake up early should set the alarm on weekends. This will help one develop a long-term solution as they will not come to rely on weekends to catch up on sleep.

No naps: By waking up early, some only put off the inevitable and they plop down on the couch for a quick cat nap. This is not beneficial, and one should strive to avoid napping. Without a short siesta, one will go to bed tired and wake up refreshed.

To-do list: Even people with busy lives struggle to get out of bed. One way to gain motivation and become a morning person is to write a to-do list. With a short list, one can remember their goals and jump out of bed immediately upon waking up.

With these five tips, one can become an early bird without much thought or work.

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  • comment avatar Ariella Scott March 2, 2014

    My toddler wakes me up at 5AM, so I’m very used to early starts. I think small children are the most effective alarm clocks for sure!

  • comment avatar Emma Goldstein March 3, 2014

    Oh boy, I’m 40 and I still battle with early mornings. I’m just not a morning person! Like you say, when the house is cold its the hardest to pull yourself out of the warm comfy bed. I like the idea about trying to start earlier on weekends to get some consistency, but I’m not sure I have the willpower.

  • comment avatar Lucy Johnson March 3, 2014

    When I first started working a 9-5 I really struggled to start waking up early in the mornings. In college I used to sleep till noon! The ‘just getting up’ tip is what worked for me- the snooze button just made me more sleepy. You have to just jump up and get going.

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