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The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Family Meal

In any family, bonding is important. No matter how busy you all are, it is vital that you take the time to enjoy each other’s company. You should aim to have at least one sit-down meal with your family a week. Many families neglect having meals together because they think that planning them is hard. Getting your family together for a meal on a weekly basis doesn’t have to be a military operation. In fact, once you have planned a family meal, you will want to do it again and again.

Invite your close family (who also live close by) round to your home for a meal. The idea of the family getting together in this manner is quite old-fashioned, but they will love that you are making an effort. If you’re not sure where to start when planning your family dinner then read this simple guide to get you started.

Step One: It’s Not All About The Food

You may think that a family meal is all about what you cook. It’s not. It doesn’t matter what meal you decide to make for your family at all. All that matters is that you manage to get the family together so you can all have a catch up and feel close to one another.

When cooking for the family, choose a dish that is simple to make. A stew or curry works well, as you can make a huge batch for everyone and leave it cooking for as long as you need. Look up some simple recipes online before you start to give you some inspiration. Whatever you choose to cook make sure that it is easy. The last thing you need is to stress yourself out. Make a meal that is simple, so you can spend more time talking with your family.

Step Two: Decorate Your Table

Having your family over for dinner isn’t just a meal, it’s a special occasion. Show your family how much effort you have put into the event by making the table setting look amazing. Tablecloths are a good start, but why not go one step further than that? Create a beautiful table setting using candles and place settings. Remember how you set the table at Christmas? Use that as inspiration and tailor it to the season.

You don’t have to stop at just plates and cutlery, you can get a fresh bouquet of flowers to make the perfect centrepiece to your table. The important thing is to make sure that your family feel special when they come over.

Step Three: Provide The Right Atmosphere

When your family turn up the last thing you want is for them to feel stressed. If they walk in and you’re running around trying to finish off the cooking, then the evening isn’t going to go well. Make sure you have prepared every aspect of the meal well in advance. All you need to worry about when people arrive is being the perfect host.

Set a relaxing atmosphere before your guests turn up. Put on some low-key music and light some candles. Make sure you have wine ready for when your family set foot in the house. Offering them a drink when they walk in will break the ice and make your family feel at home.

Step Four: Keep The Children Entertained

One of the biggest problems people have when enjoying a family meal is the children getting bored. When children decide that they have had enough of a meal, they will start being naughty. When children start to play up for attention, it means that they are getting bored. Get the children involved in the meal, by asking them to help you prepare dessert for the guests. Something simple like pancakes with ice cream is easy to make, and the children will love it.


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