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The Best Alternatives For Powering Your Home


From time to time, the most important appliances in your house will breakdown, such as the boiler. When it happens it is a big deal because you have to live without hot water and heat until you fix the problem. However, with winter on the way, it is an even bigger issue today than at any other time of the year. Because you don’t want to find yourself between a rock and a hard place when winter does arrive, you should consider the alternatives. These are a few unconventional methods for powering your home when the conventional ones fail.

Wind Power

Cold weather usually means high winds, so there is no better time of year to hook your home up to a wind turbine. If there is a problem with the boiler or the electricity connection, the wind turbine can take over and provide the energy you need to power your house. In fact, a wind turbine can provide as much if not more energy at a cheaper rate. Yes, the initial cost is high. But, if you have it for long enough you will soon pay it off and it could even make you money.

Solar Panels

Surely solar panels don’t work in the winter, do they? You might not realise it, but solar panels do work even when the sun is not visible. Solar panels work by transferring the sun’s heat into power. The sun provides us with heat through UV rays, which are constantly piercing the Earth. Obviously, the more UV rays means the higher the energy output. Still, the sun gives off enough heat in the winter to create solar energy.


If you have a fire that burns wood, you should exploit it. A fire will warm the entire house, so at least you won’t be cold during the winter. Also, you can heat water and oil on the top of the fire just like a stove. The metal casing will conduct the heat and transfer it to the kettle or the pan or whatever you prefer to use.

Let The Heat In

The winter sun might not be enough to warm the outside, but it can warm the inside of your property. All you have to do is let the heat in without letting the cold in, too. Although it sounds complex, it is quite easy in retrospect. Make sure that you open all the curtains and blinds in your house every morning and the light should flood in. Within that light is heat energy that can make the house bearable at least!

And Don’t Let It Out

Once it is in, you cannot let it out again. At night, especially, there isn’t any heat to replace the warmth that you lose, which is why you need to be conserve energy. Again it is simple to achieve. Quite simply block any drafts and leaks that you can find and draw the curtains at night. The heat will absorb into the heavy duty fabric, so it doesn’t escape.

What makes these so fantastic is that they are eco-friendly options too.

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