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Tasty Sandwiches for Packed Lunches

Packing lunches for the kids can get tough when you’ve got some picky eaters. And if you’re packing lunch for yourself and spouse then you want something really tasty, too. However, you want to make sure everyone is getting the best possible, well-balanced. Try some of these innovative sandwiches–they’ll surely be a hit with your lunch- toting family.

Southwest Turkey Club
Both the kids and your spouse will gobble up this dressed up club. Mash avocado with mild taco sauce to taste and use instead of mayo. Salsa works best, but some kids don’t like the chunks. Layer turkey, bacon and their favorite cheese on soft whole wheat bread. If they will eat it add spinach, lettuce or tomato to finish it off.

Twisted Peanut Butter and Jelly
Switch things up and make lunchtime more appealing by twisting up traditional PBJs into a wrap. Variations can be made to keep the kids and adults happy by changing up the ingredients. You don’t always have to stick to jam or jelly. Spread crunchy peanut butter to within a ¼ inch of the edges of a wrap. Layer thinly sliced apples and apple butter… yummy way to get a dose protein and fruit right together.

Meatballs and Cheese
Leftover meatballs from last night’s dinner make great lunch box sandwiches. Spread a thin layer of sauce on sourdough bread. Slice meatballs to use as lunchmeat then top with pre-sliced mozzarella cheese. For a more grown up version, add spinach leaves and kalamata olives for a decadent sandwich.

With an update to some traditional sandwiches, your kids and spouse will love toting a lunch box. Tasty sandwiches are readily available with just a bit of tweaking. Using a base for each of these sandwiches, you can build or add on according to the tastes that your favorite diners will enjoy. No more lunches in the trash or crazy trades made in the lunchroom.

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  • comment avatar Lucy Johnson February 15, 2014

    I like these ideas. I’m always too lazy to make my own lunches to take to work and end up wasting loads of money buying sandwiches and salads out, so I should try these instead.

  • comment avatar Rachel Enfield February 15, 2014

    We often have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner but I never thought of using the leftovers for lunchboxes, what a great idea.

  • comment avatar Cara Thripp February 17, 2014

    Oh man, that twisted pb&j sounds awesome! Have to try that, yum.

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