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Tackling Addiction: How to Get Started

If you, or somebody you love has an addiction, it’s so important that you start tackling it as soon as possible. Addictions can quickly get out of hand and ruin lives. This post will help you on your way to tackling addiction, so you can live a cleaner, healthier life from now on:

Admit You Have a Problem

The only way an addiction can be tackled is if you admit you have a problem. You will know if you have a problem, because the thought of whatever substance it is will dominate most of your life and thoughts. If you want a loved one to admit they have a problem, this could be quite difficult if they don’t want to change or get help.

Seek Help from Loved Ones

When you know you have a problem, it’s time to seek help from the people you love and trust. In some cases, they may already have an inkling that you have a problem. It might be glaringly obvious to everybody. However, they may not have a clue, so make sure you make it clear how serious this is and how much you’d appreciate your help. Again, if this is a loved one, make sure they know that they have all of the support they could ever want from you.

Make Note of Why You Want to Change

If you have no real reason to change, it’s unlikely you’re going to stick to it. Do you want to live to see your family grow up? Do you have ambitions and plans that you’d like to fulfill? Make sure you focus on these so you can keep going even when times are tough. Consider writing down in great detail why you’d like to get rid of this addiction for good. You can read back on it when you’re struggling and it may spur you on to continue.





Seek Help from Outside Sources

There are plenty of organisations that can help you to tackle your addiction. Rehab is the first obvious choice. It can take months to get rid of a real addiction, so be prepared for a long process. It’ll be so worth it once it’s over though! To avoid relapsing, you can also enter a sober living community for a while, to further encourage this new lifestyle you’ve created.

Don’t Give Up

The key is to refuse to give up. This isn’t going to be easy. Addiction is within the brain, so you need to take time to reprogram your mindset before you can make a real change. Some people relapse, but you needn’t be too hard on yourself if this happens. Simply seek help from your support network and get straight back on the path to staying sober. If you keep a positive attitude and you tell yourself you really can do this, you’ll be so much more likely to succeed. Eventually, something that seemed impossible will become reality!

The most important thing is to get started as soon as you can. Don’t let addiction take over your life!

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