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Starting a Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden is a fun and rewarding experience. It gets everyone outdoors and provides fresh food for the table. They can also attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Starting a vegetable garden takes just a few simple steps.

Pick a Sunny Spot

Pick a spot in the yard that gets direct sun for most of the day. Nearly all vegetables need six to eight hours of sun to grow strong and produce fruit. Avoid areas near homes or trees. These areas can get too much water and shade. The soil could also be exceptionally acidic near certain trees.

Get the Right Seeds

Not all vegetables can be grown in every climate. Choose seeds that are appropriate for the climate. Gardeners should also look at the listed size of the plants so the seeds do not grow too large and overtake the area. New gardeners might prefer getting seedlings from a nursery for plants like tomatoes. Nursery seedlings are already healthy, established and hardened off.

Till and Fertilize the Soil

Tilling the soil means turning over the top six to eight inches so it is light and fluffy. This adds oxygen the vegetables need to grow. A balanced 5-5-5 or 10-10-10 fertilizer should be mixed in while tilling the soil. This should always be done before planting each season.

Space and Plant the Seeds or Seedlings

Each seed needs to be planted in the garden according to the directions on the package. It is easiest to just space them along straight rows. Crowded gardens will not produce as much. Space should be left between the rows so it is possible to walk into the area without stepping on the plants.

Water and Protect the Garden

The final step is to water the garden thoroughly so the ground is moist. It should be watered every day until the seeds germinate and sprout. Gardeners should also look for weeds and pests like beetles every day. Weeds and pests should be removed from the garden immediately. The garden will start growing in just a few days to a week if all goes well.

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  • comment avatar Rachel Enfield January 19, 2014

    I’m not all that keen but my husband is really into his gardening lately (works for me, gets him out of the house and gives me a lovely garden and some free veggies). He also always makes sure to leave space in the rows between plants, overcrowding is apparently a mistake that many new gardeners make.

  • comment avatar Anna Bryan January 20, 2014

    Great tips! Gardening is a new hobby of mine and I’m finding it so therapuetic- when I get in a stressful argument with my daughter or have drama with my ex husband I always turn to my garden for some calming me-time.

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