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Shopping This Weekend? Don’t Miss These Items Out of Your Cart!

The weekends were made for shopping, don’t you agree? There’s nothing like a spot of retail therapy after a long, hard week of working.  If you’re going shopping this weekend, make sure you pick up the following items if you want to stay ahead of the fashion pack. Take a look:

An Asymmetric Jumper

An asymmetric jumper will look great with leggings, jeans, or some knee high boots – whatever you want to pair it with! The asymmetric look is very modern, and will add an edgy vibe to any outfit. You could make it longer one side than the other, or have it so it comes off your shoulder to give off laid back vibes.

Black Jeans

Black jeans shouldn’t be neglected during this time of year. I love that you can dress them up or down, and they go with just about anything. Want to wear them with a band t-shirt? Go ahead! Want to dress them up with a peplum top? Don’t hesitate! They’ll look great whatever you pair them with. Go for a pair with rips in for an even edgier look. Lauren Conrad loves hers!

Distressed Boots

Distressed boots can toughen up a girly outfit, or make a tough outfit look extra tough. Whatever you fancy. They’re comfortable, and you can easily walk around in a pair of these all day. It doesn’t matter if you scuff them or get them dirty either!

A Textured Coat

The more texture in an outfit, the better. Layering and pairing different textures make an outfit look more interesting, and will automatically make your outfit look special. A textured coat will add to the effect, whether you go for something shaggy, fluffy, or in crocodile PU leather.

Something Checked

Check patterns are the perfect way to incorporate pattern with the latest styles. Checked trousers can be worn with a t-shirt or blouse tucked in, perfect for nights out or going for lunch with friends. A checked skirt will look cute paired with a cosy jumper. A checked scarf is the perfect accessory! Go crazy and see what you can find.

Fluffy Shoes

Not fluffy bags, not fluffy coats; fluffy shoes. That’s right; these 60s style shoes are back in, and they look amazing. Don’t worry, you won’t look like you’re wearing your house slippers out – most of these shoes have a small amount of fluff over the front strap. Try a pair on…I bet you’ll be surprised! Find more shoes all women need here.

A Statement Necklace

No outfit is complete without a gorgeous statement necklace. Buy as many as you like to create a variety of different looks. They don’t need to cost the earth either, as there are plenty of bargain shops with their own versions on sale. If a statement necklace isn’t appropriate, choose bangles and earrings instead.

Make sure you use this post to create the ultimate shopping list this weekend. You won’t regret it when you see how good they can look!

8541695342_d777b5c6b8_zImage taken from flickr

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