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Men’s Dressing Tips To Suit Different Occasions

Deciding what to wear for any occasion is not as easy for men as it is for women, who seem to have a natural instinct for the right outfit for any occasion. It can be very awkward at times if you get it wrong. Social occasions demand a certain etiquette that must be followed.

It isn’t the end of the world if one were to get it wrong on the day, but it does lead to a sense of discomfort and not belonging. You will find here, some tips for dressing correctly for standard occasions that most men will encounter at some time in their lives. Lucky men may avoid some of them, but most won’t.

Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents For The First Time

This occasion strikes terror into the hearts of most young men, and for good reason; the relationship with your girlfriend could end right here and now. First impressions are important, and a great deal of attention must be paid to your appearance.

Think about your personal grooming first. Unless you wear a beard, it is best to be clean shaven; you will probably have to give her mum a peck on the cheek. Use an aftershave that isn’t overpowering, and make sure that your hair is clean and in good condition.

The choice of clothing depends and where you are meeting them. If it is in their home, then casual clothes are fine. Jeans are acceptable as long as they are clean and not riding low, as many like to wear them now. Wear smart shoes, not trainers, and make sure they are clean with no scuffs. A shirt and plain jumper is ideal for this occasion; you have to show that you have made a little effort. If you have an expensive wristwatch, now is the time to bring it out. When you reach out to shake her dad’s hand, he will notice it. The choice of coat says a lot about a man too. Think about high quality leather jackets for creating a good impression.


Going to a funeral these days is not as straightforward as it was years ago. Back then the dress code was simple; black suit and tie with a white shirt. Nowadays, it is often the request of the deceased that everyone wear bright colours. There is bound to be someone who finds this disrespectful, however, and the perfect solution is to wear a black suit, white shirt, and colorful tie. Respect and cheeriness in one outfit.

Court Appearance

Whatever reason you are attending court, it is important that you show respect to the court and the judge. If you are the accused, this could even shave a couple of weeks off the sentence. There is no basis in law for this, but it can affect the judges impression of you. If, for example, you turned up in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt, you can’t be punished for it, but the judge does have the final say on the length of your sentence or the size of your fine. Show some respect, and it may go in your favour. A plain suit and tie works well. Bright colours are not suitable.

Armed with this valuable information, you are now ready for these occasions and can concentrate on the occasion itself. I can’t help you with that i’m afraid; you are on your own. I do, however, wish you well.

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