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Life Saving Techniques That Will Finally Get The Kids To Sleep! - Shifting LifeShifting Life background img

Life Saving Techniques That Will Finally Get The Kids To Sleep!



As a parent, you love your children more than anything else and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and healthy. That means you cook their meals, make sure they get enough exercise and keep them happy and smiling. Of course, not every aspect of being a parent is amazing, especially when they won’t go to sleep. Children need their rest for the day, and you need yours to recover from the previous day, which is why we have made a list of tips that should help. Here is our take on finally getting the kids to shut their eyes!

Be Firm

Half of the battle is getting them upstairs into their beds in the first place. When children start to moan, it can be easy to give in and let them do as they please. But, for their sake you need to be firm and fair, which is not always easy as a parent. The more sleep they get, the better they will feel in the morning. So, although they might not realise it, you are doing them a favour. After a while, they will understand that bedtime means bedtime.

Buy A Comfy Bed

Just like adults, their bed can affect their sleep. In the bed world, you need what is referred to as a Goldilocks mattress: not too hard and not too soft, but just right! When you have small children, you can ask them whether their bed is comfortable enough. But, when you have babies you have to decide what is right and wrong. For future reference, cot bed and baby cribs at Cuckooland have a very good reputation. The best way to come to an informed decision is to go with a reference from a trusted source or do your research.  

Start A Routine

Children need routine in their lives, and sleep is no exception. In fact, sleep is the one area where you should prioritise a routine over anything else. Even if they try and fight their bedtime, once their body clock is set they will fall to sleep whether they want to or not. Soon, they won’t even contest it and will gladly go off to bed!

Avoid Eating Before Bed

When they eat before going to bed, it causes their body to reboot and start over again. What was otherwise shutting down then becomes active because it needs to break down the food they have ingested. Consequently, it will make them more alert and less likely to fall to sleep.

Also, Avoid Sugary Drinks & Food

It is a good idea to avoid a lot of sugary drinks and food anyway because it can harm their teeth that have yet to grow fully. Also, the sugar is a stimulant and prevents the body from shutting down for the night. To be frank, they will be bouncing off the walls!

Use Accessories

If they need accessories like a nightlight to get to sleep, get one. It is not irrational for young children to be scared of the dark. In fact, that is one of the main reasons they don’t like to sleep in the first place. Anything that can help them get over that hurdle is a help, not a hindrance.

Now, can you hear that? Exactly, because the kids are fast asleep!




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