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Initial And Vital Steps To Deal With A Flood


With summer closing out and the bad weather due to set in, it is always a good idea to have a few tips for water prevention to hand. A flash flood could easily ruin your house in minutes, and they can be incredibly destructive. However, sometimes they cannot be stopped and in that case you need to take a few initial measures to make sure the damage isn’t terminal. These five steps below will help you avoid a little water from becoming a massive deal.




Phone Your Insurance Company

The odds are that the water is going to cause a lot of damage and your house is going to need a lot of repairs. Unfortunately, water can get into electronics, heavy duty materials and even the flooring and break them. No matter how much you try to dry them out, it won’t work. You shouldn’t start to panic straight away though, because that is why you pay your insurance premiums. The insurance company should send someone to your house immediately and get to work on replacing and repairing the damage.

Call The Right Specialist

When it comes to dealing with water damage, you need to make sure you choose this one step over the rest and make it your number one priority. If you want to recover any of your valuables, there is no one more valuable than a water remediation specialist. As soon as you have sorted through the damage, they will get to work and attempt to salvage personal items that are not wrecked. Basically, they will dry out the valuables that have a chance of being saved. In the long run, they can save you a lot of money and memories.



Sort Through The Damage

At a glance, it will look as if everything is for the Skip. But, upon further inspection that might not be the case. Don’t just assume that your entire carpet is soaked, and that is the end of the conversation. The majority of your carpet might be wet through, but some parts might still be dry. Quickly cut out the sections that are dry and safely store them out of harm’s way, or the water’s way. Carpet offshoots can be essential when you come to redecorate.

Turn Off The Power

Water and electricity do not mix. Rather, they do mix, and that is the issue. Obviously, water and electric can lead to an electric shock, and that can be fatal. Houses have electric elements running throughout the interior, which means you could get a shock at any time or place. Before you start the process of sorting through your water soaked home, turn the power off at the mains. Carry around a couple of torches and lamps for light in case it gets too dark.

Hire A Skip

Some things can be salvaged, but the majority will need to go in the bin. Just look around your home now and you will see a huge mass of personal belongings. From the pictures on the walls to the floorings, water will seep into every part of the house. A couple of disposal bins from Ikea will not do the job.

When you cannot prevent water damage, you need to act quickly to make the most of a bad situation.


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