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How to Keep Your Wardrobe Exciting This Winter

One thing I know many people worry about with their winter wardrobes, is keeping it exciting. It’s a real cliche that because it’s winter, people think they need to dull down their outfits. I for one, won’t be doing that! There are lots of different ways you can keep your wardrobe exciting. Take a look at some of these points and see if they help you:

Create Different Wardrobe Combinations

Rather than wearing the same old combinations that you always wear, create different wardrobe combinations. It might feel like you’ve forced it at first, but you’ll get used to it in the end and your outfits will always look different. If you’re struggling to find things that work, play a little game. Fill bags up with your clothing and then pick items out and make them work! Use one bag for tops, one for trousers, and go on like that until you have a fun way of making new combinations. Take pictures of your favourites and you’ll always have a good idea of what to wear!

Invest in Some Statement Pieces

You can invest in some statement pieces providing you know you’ll actually wear them and they won’t sit in the corner gathering dust. You could buy a statement coat, bag, or shoes to help funk up your outfits and keep things interesting. I know some people enjoy wearing muted colour palettes and all neutral colours, but this isn’t for everyone. Don’t be afraid to make a statement if that’s more your thing.

Develop Your Layering Skills

Layering skills are a must for anybody who wants to be a winter fashionista. You can learn them, so don’t worry if you’re not a natural. I like to layer Irish wool clothing with faux fur and jeans, for example. All it’ll take is a little practice to get you used to layering and then you’re well away!

Wear Your Favourite Colour or Pattern

I love wearing my favourite colours and patterns, so make sure you wear yours. If you love polkadots, wear polka dot jumpers. If you love neon orange, wear a coat that colour. You’ll love getting dressed up in your favourite colours and patterns.



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Try Different Cuts and Shapes

Why not use winter as an excuse to try out different cuts and shapes? If you always wear cropped jackets, try an oversized cocoon jacket and see if you like that. If you wear tight fitting tops, try something oversized. Test out different looks that you wouldn’t usually try, and you might be surprised at what you like. Whatever you do, make sure you balance out your looks so that they don’t look too oversized or tight fitting. Your outfits will ideally suit your body shape too, so take that into consideration.  

There’s no need for your winter wardrobe to be boring at all. You can keep it as fun and as bright as your summer wardrobe if you like. Whatever you do, make sure the clothes you wear are an extension of yourself and you feel great in them!

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