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How To Keep Your Feet Healthy This Winter

As the weather gets colder, and Christmas gets closer, it might be fun to wrap up warmly in our chunky knit sweaters and cosy ankle boots. But what’s underneath tends not to be as pretty. In the cold weather, feet can become easily dry and cracked. Combine this with struggling to walk on icy pavements, and out feet end up red, cracked and incredibly sore. Just because the sun has vanished it doesn’t mean we can’t have perfect ‘summer feet’ under our woolly socks and boots.

8857324297_170a3e9dab_z(Credit: Tobias Lindman)

Keeping feet clean and in a good condition, regardless of the season is the answer to having happy, healthier feet. Despite the fact that your feet are no longer on display, regular foot maintenance is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. If you don’t fancy paying a professional to take care of your foot health, then ensure you keep on top of it yourself. After having a soak in a hot bath, use a foot file to remove any dead skin or callouses. Each time you take shower, use a specialised foot scrub to remove any excess dead skin from the soles of your feet. Once a week, smother your feet in a rich foot cream and cover with socks and allow to soak in overnight. When you remove the socks in the morning, your feet should feel smooth and super soft.

Invest in sensible footwear, this is crucial to keeping your feet in good condition. While high heels are sophisticated, during the colder winter month’s ankle boots are best, as they keep feet dry and warm. If possible, try to buy a boot design that has a slightly thicker sole, as this will help protect your feet and keep them warmer. For some cosy winter-friendly boots, have a look at online sites, such as JustFab. 

Ensure you carry wellies in your car in case the weather takes a serious turn for the worst, as ankle boots are not made for walking through snow or ice. To keep your feet warm inside your wellies, invest in a pair of thick, warm boot socks, ensure they are breathable. Don’t buy wellies that are ready lined as if they get wet they will be nightmare to get dry. Removable liners can be brought cheaply from the high street or online.

If wellies aren’t for you, invest in a good quality, leather walking boot instead. Leather walking boots will work just as well at keeping your feet dry and warm. You may also find them easier to walk in and more comfortable too. To add extra protection to your walking boots, buy a waterproofing spray and cover them in in. This gives some extra protection from the rain and will help to make your boots last a lot longer.

Keep your feet in great condition this winter, by investing in some good quality boots and taking the time to put a foot care plan into place. By keeping your feet healthy and in good condition you will also feel great, and when next summer comes, your feet will already be sandal ready.

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