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How To Deal With Lower Back Pain

Lower back problems are a scourge on many people. Unfortunately for us in the Western word, it’s something that many of us have to get used to. The way we work involves a lot of sitting down these days. And, it’s interesting to learn that people from more active cultures rarely have back problems at all.

Regardless of other cultures, though, how do you live with back pain? In most cases, it is a manageable problem, although one that has no cure. In this guide, we’re going to let you know how you can deal with lower back troubles.



Sitting correctly

Posture is everything when it comes to your back. And, if you want to limit the damage – and the pain – of your lower back issues, you have to learn to sit correctly. Try and sit for shorter periods of time, and stand up and move around every so often. You could also try a back support if you are struggling. However, the key to everything is slowly working on your posture. You should try and position your hips and knees at a perfect right angle to each other, and keep your back completely straight as much as possible.

Bending over

Whether you are picking something light or heavy off the ground, if you have lower back problems you should always be wary. Don’t stoop over and use your back. Instead, bend your knees down to the ground and squat, before lifting the object. Don’t take this lightly. Many back problems have been caused by the most innocuous little objects, and it is a case of bad positioning more than anything else.


People with back problems often have a terrible time getting comfortable in bed. They will toss and turn, and have restless nights due to being uncomfortable, or in pain. So, you should think carefully about the sort of mattress that you are using. If it is old, lumpy and springy, it’s time for an upgrade. Find something more suitable to your condition that gives you the right level of support. These luxury double latex mattresses, for example, could do you the world of good. If you are struggling to find a suitable mattress, don’t be afraid to see your doctor. They may have seen a patient with similar symptoms who might have had success with a particular mattress type.


If you have a troublesome lower back, long car journeys can be a nightmarish experience. Your best bet is to find a lumbar support, which will help your back area retain the correct posture. You should also move your seat towards the pedals until your back feels comfortable. In general, a good rule of thumb should be that your knees are higher or at the same level as your hips. This is a good indication that your weight is being distributed correctly.

Well, as you can see, having lower back problems can be managed. Everyone will have their little takes on the best way to go about things, and somewhere in here, you should find some ideas that will help you. As ever, you should always seek advice from a medical professional if you are having any problems.


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