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How To Bring Your Garden Back To Life For Summer


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With spring just around the corner, we’re slowly starting to think about getting back into the garden. Usually, we leave it looking a little worse for wear over the winter months. The grass dries up, the summer flowers wither and die. Meanwhile, it’s far too cold to sit out and enjoy the space. However, with the sun starting to rise a little earlier, spring is on its way. That means it’s time to make a change, and start to bring the garden back to life. When summer is in full bloom, the kids can play outside, and you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful yard.

Bring the lawn back to life

The first job on your list is bringing the lawn back to life. Over the winter, it is hit hard by snow, ice, and frost. You’ll often see dark patches of dried soil where the grass slowly died. Now’s the perfect time to start nurturing it back to full health. Start by pulling up any weeds that have infiltrated the gaps. Now, use a garden feeder to give life to the grass. Sow new seeds if it’s looking particularly barren. When it eventually starts to grow back, be sure to trim it once a week with the lawnmower.

Use a pressure washer on the patios

There’s nothing more satisfying that using a pressure washer to clean the yard. It’s the most powerful and effective way to blast away stubborn dirt. The kids can even have fun writing their name in the dirt first! Before you get started, check whether the pump is in full health. Often, they will slowly burn out, leaving you with a weak power stream. Don’t worry if this happens, there are many different brands out there, and replacing the pump is easy. You’ll have a new version installed in no time.

Rebuild fences and structures

Fences and garden furniture take a beating over the winter. The strong winds test their foundations, and the cold weather exposes their cracks and weaknesses. Check your fences for any sign of problems, and take measures to fix them quickly. In the case of garden furniture, it’s often worth buying new pieces to suit your garden. Don’t forget about the shed either. The harsh weather may have damaged the wood, so make a few touch-ups, just in case. Doing all this will help you create a stunning back yard.

Start planting flowers

The best way to bring life back to your garden is through bright and colourful flowers. it’s time to research the best summer bloomers, and start planting them. Garden centres and shops are just starting to sell the summer flowers, so it’s the perfect time to start looking.

Welcome the wildlife back

Finally, start teasing the birds, bees, and hedgehogs back into your garden. They are natural pesticides, and will keep unwanted insects out of your garden. Start luring them back in now with seeds, fat blocks, and dog-food for the hedgehogs.

There you have it, folks! Bring your garden back to life, just in time for summer!

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