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Hate the Gym? Here’s 5 Other Ways to Stay in Shape

Plenty of people hate the gym. You are definitely not alone there. Some hate having to fight others for machines or weights. Some people hate the costs involve. Some hate being constantly pestered by on-commission personal trailers to sign up for sessions. But there’s plenty of things you can do to stay fit without ever needing to fork out for a gym membership – the key is finding a way to make it fun so you stay motivated.

1. Cycling

Cycling is one of the best ways to stay in shape and have a bit of fun while doing it. Cycling allows you to explore your neighbourhood and beyond while still keeping you moving quickly and your heart rate up. Cycling is an extremely efficient cardio exercise that will burn a respectable amount of calories with even a moderate effort per hour, far more than simply going for a walk. If you don’t have a bike, hit up a proper bike retailer, like 99 Bikes, and get educated.

2. Team sports

Putting together, or joining, a team at your local sports club is a great way to have a bit of fun and keep yourself fit and moving. Pick any sport you like – soccer, tennis, touch football, cricket, it doesn’t even have to be one that you’ve ever played before (though experience will certainly help). Many people organise teams just like these with work colleagues for a bit of after-hours team building.

3. Home exercises

There’s lots of short-but-intense body weight exercise regimens that can be carried out at home, from simple sit-ups or lunges, to the dreaded burpee. With so many distractions though, home exercises can weaken commitment. Find something to focus on while you work out. Use the time to catch up on a TV show you’ve been meaning to watch. Some game consoles even have fitness apps available that will instruct you through video capture technology, so your dream of being bossed around by Jillian Michaels is closer than ever.

4. Hiking

Hiking’s great because it combines fresh air, a long walk and a hill climb into one muscle building, calorie burning activity that takes you through some truly amazing and scenic locales. Finding the best hiking trails near you that are appropriate for your fitness level, but still provide a bit of a challenge is as easy as a google search. Make sure you take plenty of water and some snacks because you will get hungry, take some sunscreen and make sure you’ve got appropriate, comfortable footwear.

5. Bootcamp

Bootcamp sounds to a lot of people like another way of saying “gym” but it often couldn’t be more different. While still run by a personal trainer, bootcamps are often conducted outside and in short, intense bursts. They’re amazing for blasting fat, building muscle and meeting new people. Don’t discount them – they seem hard, because they are, but the potential rewards for committing to a bootcamp are massive.

There’s so many ways you can create a fitness regimen that’s right for you – these are just a few ideas. Combine the ones that appeal to you into a weekly schedule. Don’t forget to shake it up occasionally though so you don’t get bored with it and lose your motivation. Keep perspective, build and maintain discipline. Don’t lose sight of your goals and don’t let anyone or anything derail you. And keep it fun – self improvement should not ever feel like work. What are your favourite exercise techniques? Got any secrets or tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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