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Essential Tips For Planning A Stress Free Dinner Party


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Are you thinking of hosting your very own dinner party? Then make sure to have a read of all our handy tips and ideas.

While throwing a dinner party can be a lot of fun, it can also be very stressful. However, with a bit of planning, hosting a dinner party at your home can be simple, unfussy and stress-free.

  1. Pick who you invite carefully

Don’t just invite anyone, think about the group carefully. You want to choose people, who you know, have similar interests and will get on well together. You don’t want to invite someone who has nothing in common with your other guests and makes everyone else uncomfortable.

  1. Find out about any allergies beforehand

After spending hours slaving over a three-course meal, the last thing, you want, is to find out that one of your guests has allergies and can’t eat it. Not only is this annoying, it could also be embarrassing, especially if you have nothing else to give them.

To avoid this kind of scenario, ask each guest about any food allergies when you give them their invitation.

  1. Serve dishes you have made before

Don’t be tempted to try out a brand new dish for your dinner party guests, this will only put you under more pressure. Instead, opt for a dish you have made at least a few times before and are confident making and serving.

Even if you have created your dishes before, have a practice a couple of weeks before your dinner party. This will allow you to practice making your chosen dishes for a larger group of people, as well as giving you a chance to practice serving it up nicely.

  1. Be smart with your cooking

Don’t be tempted to choose dishes that require cooking to order, such as steak. Sometimes the best dishes are the simplest ones.

To make things as easy for yourself as possible, make sure to get as much preparation done beforehand. Have a look for recipes that can be prepared up to two days before your party. Make sure to chop all your vegetables and prepare your desserts the day before your event.

By doing lots of preparation and leaving very little to the night itself, you will dramatically reduce your stress.

  1. Buy a selection of drinks

For a successful evening, make sure to have a variety of drinks available for your guests. As well as having wine, beer and spirits, make sure that you also have a nice selection of non-alcoholic beverages in. Things like fresh orange juice, non-alcoholic wine, homemade lemonade, and elderflower presse are all good choices.

Buying lots of bottles of drink can be expensive, to save money you could buy alcohol online instead of from your local store. If you have quite a few guests coming, you could ask each guest to bring a bottle along – most people won’t mind and will be happy to do so.

  1. Keep your guests entertained

While you are running back and forth to the kitchen, serving meals and clearing plates, it is important that you find ways to keep your guests entertained.

Set the mood with relaxing music and candles. Leave packs of cards and board games around for your guests to play – it might sound childish but board games can actually be a lot of fun.

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