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Earn Extra Cash by Upgrading your Phone

One of the great things about owning a cell phone is the ease in which you are able to sell it. Like anything technological, phones are improved at least once a year, if not more. Obsolete phones can pile up and create clutter and here are a few ways to make money on a used phone.

A website called sell my phone is a fantastic way to get started. Simplified directions make this site easy to use and understand, even for those with very little computer ability. The site will buy phones created from any major UK manufacturer. The list includes some of the biggest names out there like Sony, Apple, Samsung and HTC just to name a few. Not only is this a great way to make some money for a used phone, but it guarantees your satisfaction with its competitive price matching or your phone will be returned to you. Your payment will be sent out to you on the very same day that your phone is received. All that is required to get an estimate is the phone’s make and model. Sending your phone in for inspection and payment is free as they will pay the postage.

Another way to get rid of an old phone is to trade it in as partial, or upon rare occasions, full payment on a new phone. Most cell phone carriers will have at least one variety of this plan in place to encourage upgrades and staying updated with platforms. All you would have to do to find out is either make a call or walk in to the store.

Putting your old phone up for sale on Ebay is another choice for deliberation. However, on Ebay, you are responsible for the postage in order to get your phone out to the buyer. This can be costly and you might possibly be spending more than the phone is being bought for, unlike the other from the above mentioned website to send your phone in with free postage.

There are many other ways in which you can sell phone for cash. You might simply find that a friend or acquaintance would be interested in purchasing it from you. Doing business with a friend might be preferable to Ebay as it would risk little and cost little if anything to complete the transaction.

As always with selling or disposing of your used phone, take care and caution to remove all your personal data from being stored and never forget to snag your SD card from behind the battery.

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