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Dealing with a Long Day at the Airport

One of the toughest aspects to traveling is dealing with a long airport layover. Whether it is anticipated or unanticipated, layovers can make for a long, boring time at the airport that are often filled with restless sleep and antsy children.

Surviving a long airport layover comes down to figuring out ways to entertain both yourself and your family during the downtime between flights. Here are a few ways to help kill the time:

Movies and TV

One of the best ways to settle in for a layover is to turn on a great movie or TV show. Before beginning your travels, download a few of your family favorites. In the event your layover is a lot longer than anticipated, you’ll be happy you have a library of movies. Or, stream your favorites through direct tv over the airport’s wi-fi network. You will have an endless supply of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment at your fingertips, perfect for curing the boring blues.

Check Out the Airport

Most airports are full of interesting and unique shops, museums, and food places. Kill the time by exploring the airport and grabbing a few souvenirs for your family and friends back home. The walking around will help keep your blood flowing and relieve any stress you might be feeling about traveling.


Whether it’s over an e-reader or a physical book, a good book can help the time pass by quickly. For older children, small chapter books can keep their attention, diverting their boredom easily. Here is a great reference list for award winning children’s books.

See the Sights

If you have an exceptionally long layover, it might be worth it to leave the airport and check out the city sights. If the layover is long enough where you need to spend the night in the airport, consider renting a hotel in the city. Renting a hotel will be quite a bit more comfortable than sleeping in the airport, plus it can offer you a chance to freshen up.

Visit the Lounge

Most airlines have exclusive lounges that include comfortable chairs and couches, which are more comfortable than the regular airport chairs. Plus, the lounges have incredible food spreads, lots of snacks, and even an open bar. Most lounges can be entered through a frequent flyer mile purchase or with a fixed entry price.


A great way to kill some time is to explore the different food options available at the airport. Most airports, especially the large ones, have food options from fast food to cafes to pubs to sit down restaurants. After a long day of traveling, it can be a huge relief to sit down, relax, and enjoy a warm meal. Plus, if you have a long flight coming up, most airlines do not serve meals anymore, unless it is an international flight. Eating a good meal beforehand can help prepare you for the next leg of the trip.

Using these tips can help you survive your next long layover.

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