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Creating A Beautiful Rustic Kitchen: Here's What You Need To Know - Shifting LifeShifting Life background img

Creating A Beautiful Rustic Kitchen: Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to designing your home, two things matter: your personal tastes and your home’s architecture. Your home is your private sanctuary, so it is important that it is a place you love and are happy to spend time in.

For many of us, how much we love our home stems from how happier we are with its decoration. It might sound crazy, but the way you decorate your home can impact how you feel about it.

If you are a food-lover, then one of the most important places in your home is your kitchen. If you enjoy using your spare time to bake, then your kitchen is probably the place where you spend most of your time.

If you aren’t happy with the style of your kitchen and dream of having something more natural and rustic, why not take the steps to change it?

Here are our tips to help you design a beautiful, rustic kitchen:


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Shop locally

To create a kitchen that is truly rustic, the key is to shop locally for supplies. Bringing in elements from the surrounding area is a great way to give the space a unique, rustic flair.

Instead of buying wood for your cabinets or floor from a specialist a 100 miles away, buy your materials locally. Look for a local carpenter that sells wooden furniture and flooring made from local wood, and buy what you need from them.

Use lots of wood

For a rustic kitchen, wood has to be the main material. Instead of filling your cooking space with man-made materials, using wood is a much better choice.

As well as using wood for the cabinets and flooring, for a rustic kitchen, wood is also ideal material for the furniture. The best wood to use is either pine or cherry – ignore the color, both can be stained to your taste.

In terms of adding rustic charm, the knots that can be found in pine wood add something special. However, pine is a softwood and does tend to dent easily.

Hardwood flooring

For rustic style, hardwood flooring is a must. While you could go for wood with a glossy finish, to ensure the flooring fits with the rustic style, a matte finish is best.

When choosing your flooring, look for designs that come in thick planks. The thicker the wood, the more rustic your flooring will look. As mentioned above, for a truly rustic kitchen, only buy locally sourced wood.

Go natural with accessories and paint

Choosing accessories for a rustic-style room can be tricky. However, the key to design success is to stick with natural looking items. Instead of going for a printed lampshade, opt for an antler chandelier. Instead of choosing a contemporary dining table, go for a more traditional, wooden one. Simple things like this are what will give your kitchen that rustic charm.

Instead of using branded paint, opt for a natural alternative. Natural paints are made without the use of chemicals, so are as a natural as you can get. Plus, the colors are completely different to regular shades and are more suitable for a rustic kitchen.

Creating a rustic kitchen is all about the materials you use. For a truly rustic kitchen design, everything should be locally sourced.


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