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Create A Stunning Back Yard

There are a couple of excellent reasons for choosing to build your own home.First of all, you get to design your house exactly how you want it. The second is that you can get a lot more for your money. But, how do you get started?

If you have often thought about building a house yourself, then read on. I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know. I’ll also reveal some common pain points that many people suffer throughout the process. Let’s get started straight away.



Get the right permission

Getting permission for building a home isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to own land before applying for permission, so there is a real risk that you buy a plot somewhere and can’t build on it. It’s happened many times before, and these arguments with local authorities can go on for years. Your best bet is to have a look at any records on the land – if there have been development plans turned down in the past, it will likely be the same for you. Another option is to buy land that already has planning permission. Landowners sometimes organise this before putting it on the market. You’ll end up paying a little more than you would for the land alone, but you will be able to get going straight away.

Get the right surveys

Your next step is to complete all the surveys you need to make a safe building. You have no idea what lies in the soil, so something like a geotechnical site investigation might be worthwhile. The result will help your architect and builders complete the job without hitting a pipeline or something else of that type. Not only will that be expensive for you to repair, but it could also cause environmental issues, too. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sewage, electricity, or broadband cables. If you go through them when starting your building process, it could be a painful experience.

Find the right team

You might get away with hiring an average builder when you need some repairs on your house. But when it comes to building one, excellence is a must. In fact, that should run through the whole process. So, make checks on the architects, engineers, and builders you intend to hire. It’s vital that you know who you are dealing with, and that you get on with them. Building a home can be a stressful experience, so excellence is going to be an essential quality to look out for.

Have affordable ideas

The ideas stage usually comes at the beginning of any process. But, without doing what I mentioned above first, your plans might come to nothing. Get the people on board first, and then come up with your design ideas. Not only will you get a better grasp of what you can do on the land, but you’ll also know what you can afford. It’s easy to get carried away when you build your own home, but it’s not something you can afford to do. Also, the more extravagant your ideas, the longer it’s going to take to complete.


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