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Clever Ways to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

Having a big nose can be a real issue for some people, but luckily there are clever ways you can disguise it. You can’t magically shrink your nose; the only way you can do that is through surgery. Surgery should be a last resort after everything else you’ve tried to help draw attention away from your nose has failed – and it should be for you and you only, not because somebody else has convinced you to. Now, in order to naturally make your nose look smaller and more petite, try one of the following techniques:

Have Big Hair

If you feel self conscious about your nose, you might think that covering it up with your hair will work. However, this can cause unflattering shadows to fall on your face. Big hair is a great way to distract from the nose, so don’t be afraid to shake some volumising powder in at the root and ruffle things up a bit. A side parting will also distract from the nose, while a centre parting will make it look more prominent. Full hair with volume at the back will soften your features best.

Getting your hair to stay big is all in the products and technique you use, so try:


  • Blowdrying your hair upside down on a high heat. Concentrate on blasting the roots.

  • Using volumizing mousse after washing while still damp, powder when dry, and volumizing shampoo and conditioner when washing.

  • Hairspray to hold it in place. This should be subtle – crunchy hair isn’t a good look

  • Rollers applied carefully can give you big bouncy volume – a surefire way to disguise your nose.

There are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube to help you get the desired look too!

Practice Clever Makeup Techniques

Makeup is a great way to disguise a larger nose, and many celebrities swear by it. Kim Kardashian is a known fan of contouring to make her face appear more defined, and just about every celebrity makeup artist out there has a few tricks up their sleeve in order to make an impact. You may have already realised what a difference makeup can make, but it really can make you look totally different – almost photoshopped! Let’s take a look at some great techniques:


  • For a wide nose – contouring is a great way to help you get a nice shape. Simply apply a foundation or bronzer that is one shade darker than your normal makeup on the outside of your nose, both sides. You can then blend it in, and choose a slightly lighter shade or a highlighter to apply to the bridge. This will give you a pinched effect.

  • For a long nose – If your nose is a bit long, simply apply darker foundation to the tip and underneath the tip. Make sure you blend properly!

  • Defining your cheekbones and brows will distract from your nose.

  • A bold lip colour will help to focus the attention on your lips rather than your mouth. We recommend red!

  • Use a brightening concealer to perk up tired eyes and take attention away from the nose.


Remember to blend properly when contouring, and to keep things subtle. Heavy eye makeup can draw attention to the nose rather than away from it, so steer clear!

Look After Your Skin

Looking after your skin is very important, as too much shine or a spotty complexion can draw more attention to your nose. If you have normal skin, then you can simply use gentle cleansing, toning, and moisturising products to keep your skin in good condition. If you have dry, combination, or oily, then it’s very important you use the right kind of products for your skin, otherwise you could make things even worse. If you’re not sure what kind of skin you have, have a chat with a makeup/skincare consultant on a makeup counter to give you an idea. They may even give you some free products to try!

Your routine should go something like this every day:


  • Cleanse with a cream or wash.

  • Tone.

  • Moisturise with a cream containing SPF.


Occasionally, you may also want to exfoliate after cleansing, and then apply a facemask. We recommend adding this to your routine once a week. Afterwards, tone and moisturise as normal. If you suffer with pores on your nose, using nose pore cleansing strips can be a life saver. You literally dampen your nose with warm water, apply a strip, wait for it to dry, and then slowly peel off. All of your pores will be clear and your nose will feel smooth – helping to keep it looking neat and tidy!

Get Contact Lenses

Sorry to say it, but if you have glasses then this can accentuate your nose even further. If you like your specs then by all means keep them, but getting contact lenses can draw much less attention to your nose. If you must wear glasses, make sure you get a pair to suit your face shape in order to look your best while wearing them.

Be Confident

Above all else, remember that your nose is just an issue you have with yourself. To most people, it probably isn’t even noticeable. There’s nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself if it affects your self esteem, but most of the time you’re making a big deal out of nothing. In rare cases a nose job could be warranted, so make sure that you got to a reputable clinic if you’d like to do this (here’s more information). However, you need to be sure that the surgery is what you really want, and remember that your nose might not turn out like your favourite celebrity. You should try to be as confident as possible in your own skin, and stop focusing on one insignificant area of your body – as Lady Gaga would say; you were born this way, so embrace your natural beauty. The more confident you feel, the more it’ll shine through!


Image Credit: Flickr

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