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Awesome Adventure Holidays You Should Add To Your Bucket List

If you’re sick of the same beach holiday every year, you should consider booking an exciting adventure holiday for your next trip! Adventure vacations will keep you active, so your fitness doesn’t suffer from a couple of weeks lounging on the beach. You will also get the chance to see some absolutely gorgeous scenery and stunning natural landscapes. Want to know some of the best destinations for adventure trips? Read on!



Jungle Explorations

If you want to head deep into the rainforest and jungle, there are many tour-led trips available to book with various companies. The jungle and rainforests cover a large area of land in different countries. Most of the rainforests are in South America, Central America, and India. Most vacations spent in these areas will involve a lot of hikes and chances to meet the local wildlife. Many adventures in Borneo lead deep into the jungle and involve camping as well..

Cross The Desert

Another option is to hike the desert. One option is to stay in a populous tourist area in a country where you will find desert, like Morocco. Then you can travel to the desert for a day of hiking. When you do go to the desert, remember to stay safe and take plenty of drinking water and sunscreen. If you are feeling super adventurous, spend your whole trip in the desert. There are many tour companies who take groups for a camping vacation in the desert.

Stay With Cowboys

There are many working ranches across the United States that offer cowboy themed vacations. You’ll get to stay at a ranch and can go out horse riding and on long hikes through the day. Some even teach guests the art of rodeo. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, though. Some ranches expect visitors to get stuck in with cleaning out the horses!



Go For A Dive

If you’d rather get off dry land, there are loads of trips that incorporate sea adventures. Mozambique has some fantastic coastline that is popular with surfers. If you want to go for a good swim, head to Australia, where you can snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re interested in going out to sea, but don’t particularly want to get wet, there is still plenty of options. Canada is popular with people who want to go whale watching. Lots of boats regularly leave the Vancouver coast and sail into the Pacific Ocean.

Snowy Adventures

If you have the budget to push the boat out, book yourself onto an Antarctica or the Arctic. Lots of cruises take travellers along the Antarctic Peninsula to see penguins and seals. It is slightly harder to get to the Arctic, and you will have to book onto a specialist tour-led trip. This is a fantastic chance to see some stunning sights before climate change damages the polar ice caps!

Once you’ve chosen your adventure destination, you just have to pack your bags. Don’t forget your camera. It’ll be a trip full of memories worth capturing!

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