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Add Curb Appeal And Value To Your Home With These Fantastic Ideas


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When selling your home, you want to make a brilliant first impression to prospective buyers. But spending time, money and effort just on your interiors is not always enough to secure a sale. The exterior of your home is what buyers will see first and foremost and making it look incredible should be a top priority. Otherwise, you may find that you don’t have as many viewings as you would like and it may take longer for your property to sell. You may even have to reduce your asking price to encourage people to take a look around. None of these things are ideal when you want a good price and a quick sale. So it’s important that you get your exterior looking just as amazing as your interiors. To get you started here are some fantastic ideas to give you some much-needed inspiration.

Fresh lick of paint

Nothing can breathe new life into your property like a fresh lick of paint. It might seem like an extravagant expense before you move house, but it can transform the look and feel of the property. Therefore making it look more appealing and increases your chances of getting the price you want. Remember that potential buyers will be keeping an eye out for smaller details and not just the bigger picture. So take a look at your property from the outside as look at it from a home buyer’s point of view. Look for areas where the paint is cracked and faded, especially on trims, stairs, window frames and posts. Consider whether you just need to refresh these elements or whether the entire exterior could do with a fresh coat of paint. Also consider which colour you paint the exterior of your property. You don’t want anything that is too garish or bright as this will be instantly off putting. Look at your neighbour’s houses for guidance on colour or just use the same colour you already have


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Make your front door stand out

One of the most important aspects of adding curb appeal is making sure your front door stands out.. When potential buyers are viewing houses this is one of the things they will be looking out for. Old, faded and broken front doors could turn potential buyers away almost instantly. So you need to make sure you front door makes a statement. Again, giving it a new coat of paint is ideal. You could take this opportunity to try a bolder colour that makes your door stand out more. You could also consider replacing the door entirely, adding moulding and updating the house numbers. Also think about adding potted plants either side of the doorway and installing wall lights. These will add some interest and brightness to the entrance way and make it look more attractive.

Clear up your yard

Potential buyers, especially those with young children and pets will always be looking for a decent sized yard. So you need to make sure your’s looks as pristine as possible. Take the time to pick up any toys, rubbish and gardening equipment you may have scattered throughout your outside space. Place these items in designated storage boxes inside your shed or neatly behind some lattice fence panels. You can also place items such as lawn mowers and trash cans here. That way you are removing any distractions and unpleasant sights from the space. Once cleared, remove any weeds from your walkways, mow your lawn and neaten up your flower beds. Try to maintain this level of clean by putting items away after use and implementing regular gardening sessions. That way your front and back yard will look good, even if you get an unexpected viewing.


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Add shutters to your windows

Many prospective buyers will be looking for features on the exterior of your home that add character and charm. Nothing does this quite like window shutters. Not only are they attractive to look at, but they can also add additional security to your property and control light and ventilation levels. These kind of features will undoubtedly add value. Consider the style of property you have and look at designer window shutters which come in an array of sizes and styles. Try to avoid anything that is too high maintenance or they may be too difficult to clean or repair. Also carefully consider the colour as you want the shutters to enhance, not distract.  Your potential buyers won’t be able to resist their appeal as they will make your home feel more cosy and welcoming.

Jet wash everywhere

Overtime the outside of your homes start to look dirty and dull. This can have a huge effect on the outside of your property as it can make it look under-maintained and old. So to get rid of any stains, dirt and grime that may have built up, a jet washer is a quick and easy solution. They can transform the look of paving stones, tiles, brick, wood and concrete, just by using high pressure and water. They are fun to use and make light work of cleaning the outside of your home. Concentrate on areas that get used often, such as driveways and porches. But also, look for difficulty areas where dirt and moss may have built up over the years due to lack of cleaning such as roof tiles and corners of stairs. This can make your property look clean, fresh and brand new in little time. You can also use the jet washer to clean tiles around your pool, garage doors and fences. You’ll soon begin to see a significant difference and your home will look brighter as result. Prospective buyers will be able to instantly feel like they are walking into a loved and well cared for home.
Adding curb appeal is easier than most people think and even the smallest of changes can make a significant difference. So with these ideas in mind, take a look out the exterior of your home. You should now know exactly what tasks you need to do to make your property stand out and entice prospective buyers in for a viewing. So start today and get your house sold in no time.


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