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9 Reasons Why We Should All Move to Florida Keys Right Now

Do you ever get the urge just to pack your home up and move somewhere else? We do. All the time. And now we have discovered the beautiful Florida Keys that urge is growing stronger by the day. Here are nine reasons why we should move to Florida Keys right now; as if you needed any encouragement.

  1. The Weather

Well, this one was kind of obvious. Even the coldest month in the year, January, will still be warmer than most other places in the US. If you don’t think you could handle all that hot weather, then don’t forget you’ll be surrounded by cooling waters. What could be better?


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  1. The Water

Talking of water… Florida Keys is surrounded by beautiful, clear water. Not only does this mean you can hop on a boat whenever you want, but there’s a load of water activities to take part in too. You could be scuba diving one day and fishing the next. Florida Keys is perfect for water babies.

  1. Entertainment

You’d never be stumped for ideas when it comes to being entertained in this part of the world. You’ll find theaters, independent cinemas, and more dance shows than you can shake a stick at. Nobody gets bored in Florida Keys.

  1. Festivals

As if the constant entertainment wasn’t enough, there are also plenty of festivals that happen throughout the year. There’s the Pigeon Key Art Festival, the Key West Craft Show and several other art-based festivals held every year.

  1. The Art

With so many art festivals every year it probably comes as no surprise that the Floridians here are proud of their creativity. Maybe it’s something to do with the sea air or the laidback attitude. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to galleries and art exhibitions here.


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  1. The Attitude

There’s a completely different attitude in the Florida Keys. It’s like everyone is so relaxed and happy, all of the time. There is a real zest for life here, and it’s pretty infectious. Just a quick visit here on vacation and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

  1. The Homes

In our excitement to move to Florida Keys we did have a little look at the kind of property available. Wow… A quick look at Knight & Gardner Key West Realty was enough to sway us. Who wouldn’t want to live in a house like that?

  1. The History

If arts and crafts aren’t really your slice of pie then never fear, there’s plenty here for more serious adventures. The museums are some of the best and the world, so you won’t be disappointed with what is on offer.

  1. The Beauty

Finally, have you ever seen pictures of the Florida Keys? The whole place is absolutely breathtaking. There’s no denying that it is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. From Key West all the way up to Key Largo, there truly is something for everyone.

We’ve convinced ourselves, but have we convinced you? Now we just need to save some money for one of those houses we were eying up earlier…

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