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8 Cheeky Chocolate Concoctions

Few among us can claim not to be a chocolate connoisseur to some degree or another. We all know what works well with this most miraculous of food stuffs. Mint, orange, nuts, dried fruits and jams, thought you’d tried them all? You were just getting started.

  1. Tomato Chocolates

Now we’re not sure if this classes as an hors d’oeuvres or a dessert. Luckily, anyone you serve it to will be similarly stumped so go with what seems right to you. Sweet and juicy sun-dried tomatoes dipped in chocolate and left to harden in the fridge. Easy. Unusual. Delicious.

  1. White Chocolate Mousse Surprise

Basil, meet white chocolate. Now bare with us, this one is considerably less random when styled in a mousse. Light and fluffy with just the whisper of a herby fragrance to enhance the taste, guests will definitely be demanding the recipe.


Image Source: Tim Sackton

  1. Eclair Hotdog

So wrong it’s right. We’re not sure who happened upon this little concoction, but they are undoubtedly a genius. Choux pastry, the classic hot dog and lashings of cream all topped with a chocolate outer layer. We’ll take two (and a gym membership).

  1. Chocolate Goat’s Cheese Tart

The tang of the goat’s cheese is perfectly offset by the bitterness of the dark chocolate in this masterpiece of a tart. Decorate it with fresh berries in the summer, serve it with lashings of cream in the winter, it really is a tart for every occasion. Add a tangy berry jam or compote into the mix for a touch of creative flair that’s sure to impress your guests.

  1. Chocolate Trees

This is one way to get the kids to eat their greens! Broccoli dipped in chocolate. Apparently they offset one another perfectly; we’re not so convinced.

  1. Chocolate Calamari

We’re dying to try this one out (our other halves are not so keen). Not as random as it sounds, bitter dark chocolate has been used in savoury dishes since the dawn of time (or the Aztecs anyway). Full of bitter and sweet notes, this seafood chocolate concoction has all the makings of a corker.

  1. Chocolate Chicken

This has been covered by a lot of TV chefs over the past few years, so it’s unlikely to be an entirely new concept to you. Originating from the Caribbean, the chocolate glaze is enhanced with a few key spices and used to marinate the uncooked meat. The result is a juicy bird with lots of flavours – and some very happy faces at the table.

  1. Chocolate Bacon Frazzles

It wasn’t such a leap to jump from chicken to bacon when it came to flavouring meat with chocolate. Everyone knows how well chocolate and salt go together so adding bacon into the mix was a stroke of genius that was bound to happen at some point. Marinate the bacon in chocolate and bake it until it’s perfectly crisp. Bacon. Chocolate. Bliss!

  1. Mushrooms

Discovered by hippies trying to make a certain banned variety more palatable, the good old garden mushroom is a fantastic foil to the soft sweetness of chocolate. White, dark or milk work perfectly here. Thinned out as a sauce or served dipped. Whatever your preference, you can’t call yourself a chocoholic until you’ve tried this.



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