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5 Tools That Constitute The Perfect Toolbox

You might not be a DIY savant, but everyone needs a toolbox that they can rely on in emergencies. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do with half of the tools as long as you have them handy! There comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and attempt some repairs, especially with winter approaching. The weather outside can seriously damage your property, so you need to be ready to attempt some quick fixes.


Here are the six tools that will help you out in any situation. If you find that these won’t do the job, it is time to ring the professionals!


Often, the house doesn’t need massive repair because it is always the little things that go wrong. All of a sudden, a shelf will fall or a mirror will need reapplying to the wall. They are only small jobs, but they need doing as soon as possible. A screwdriver gives you the flexibility to fix these problems in an instant. All you need to do is find an extra screw and fix it firmly in its place. Although it seems like quite an insignificant piece of kit, you will struggle without one. Ask anyone who has tried to remove a screw using a knife!

Tape Measure

Tape measures are essential when you need to redecorate. You will need them for other jobs too, but they make interior design accurate and easy to a degree. When you put down carpet or install a new fitting, you need to be perfectly on the mark. Even if you are a millimetre out, it could make all the difference. Thankfully, a tape measure you will get the measurements down to the last millimetre, so you can get rid of that yardstick!


Regardless of the job, you need to know that it is level when the job is finished. Looks can be deceiving. So, you shouldn’t trust them, especially when you have a tool that will accurately display the information.


A simple pneumatic drill will do the trick. For most people, air tools are a sign that they have every base under control. Surely some air tool will be able to solve the problem? Not always, and that is why you are best keeping it simple. Drills, in particular, are there to make the process quicker and easier. Instead of messing around with a screwdriver, use a powerful drill if the connection is big enough. That way, you can finish in half the time.


Fancy getting creative? Well then, you are going to need a sharp implement to help you. Saws are great for cutting down wood that you can paint and add to your house. Some people find huge chunks of wood and make them into doors. For the smaller jobs, you should use a Stanley knife. Normal knives are not sharp enough for the job, whereas a Stanley knife will cut your finger to the bone.

Oh yeah, that reminds me – be careful!

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