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5 tips to keeping your belongings secure when travelling

You’ve no doubt heard all the nightmares associated with travelling. Especially about luggage going missing, your personal valuables, important documents and money being swiped from under you without even realising until it’s too late! Never fear – the world isn’t completely horrid and you shouldn’t shy away from travelling for fear of something bad happening to you! Here are some tips to keep your belongings secure when travelling (and these are all things your mother probably told you already!).

1. Secure luggage

First things first. Your luggage, whether carry-on or checked in should either have built-in lock systems or a good way for you to secure a lock onto it. There are many brands of luggage known for being secure – Samsonite, American Tourister, Think Tank and Travelpro to name a few. You’ll be able to find to find a lot of them online on websites like Bags to Go. And remember, ‘secure’ doesn’t just mean ‘lockable’ – you should also keep in mind the durability of the materials used.

2. Keep small valuables on you

When sleeping on trains, buses or whenever you’re in crowded public, make sure your money, credit cards, passport and anything else you value are on your person. A fanny pack (or bum bag) may be uncool, but it’s unlikely anyone will be able to take anything from you. Bigger items like laptops, and cameras shouldn’t be stowed away under a bus, where valuables could be stealthily removed from your luggage, nor should they be given to the cab driver to put in the trunk. These items should be in a bag securely on your shoulders or on your lap.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

No matter how daunting it is to be in crowded unfamiliar territory, you need to keep your eyes and ears peeled to what’s happening around you! Don’t have your headphones on – too many people have had their belongings snatched from them, because their sense of hearing was compromised, and response time delayed. Look around and behind you frequently in case there’s someone casing the joint looking for someone to steal from.

4. Look out for scammers

They’re everywhere. Anyone who seems too eager in offering to help with luggage while at the airport, train or bus station is potentially going to steal from you. A lot of the time, swindlers work in groups and have elaborate plans to dupe you into letting your guard down. Usually, their activities will seem innocuous – perhaps one person will have a way to make you put your luggage down and focus your attention somewhere else. Wham! Their partner emerges from the crowd and takes off with one of your bags!

5. Check accommodation security

Before booking your accommodation, read the reviews. There have been countless stories of belongings being stolen from rooms by none other than the hotel staff themselves, or their partners in crime. This kind of thing has happened even in the most fancy of hotels. In-room safes are ideal.

If you’re prepared, there’s no reason why you can’t have a wonderful vacation with no nasty incidents. The trick is to be vigilant in keeping an eye on your surroundings and equipping yourself with good luggage that will keep everything safe. When it comes down to it, most people you encounter will be honest folks who would never do you any harm!

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