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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Horse


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There’s nothing like the friendship between horse and owner. It’s an inseparable bond of mutual respect and trust. As a horse owner, you’ll ride and care for you animal on a daily basis. You’ll take care of their every need, and in return they’ll offer affection and love. Together, you and your steed are unstoppable! If the idea of this life makes you giddy with excitement, then perhaps you’re ready to buy a horse. Remember, this is an enormous commitment, and must be taken seriously. If you’ve got your heart set on bringing a horse into your life, read this first.

  1. What sort of horse do you want?

The single most important thing about your horse is its temperament. Buying an aggressive horse is one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make. You’re looking for a calm, relaxed horse, who is happy with human contact and riding. If you’re a relative novice, you certainly don’t want a difficult horse, as you won’t have the skills or experience to school it. You also need to be realistic about the time you can offer your animal. If they’re an energetic ex-racehorse, do you have the time to provide them the necessary exercise?

  1. Get the horse vetted

Before you buy any horse, make sure it receives a clean bill of health. That means getting it vetted by a professional. Horses require regular veterinary visits, and it’s important to understand their condition before you buy. A horse with lots of health complications will require a lot of vet visits and expensive medicine in the future. Of course, all animals need worming, and you can do that yourself with horse worming kits. However, if there are more serious health issues, take warning.

  1. Where will it live?

All horses require acres of room to run and stretch their legs. Before you make your purchases, be sure that you can offer the space and room they need. If you don’t have the space at your home, you’ll need to look at boarding options. Do you have one locally, and can you get there regularly?

  1. Consider the cost and commitment

We’re sure you understand that buying a horse is an enormous commitment. But, take the time to think about just how big a commitment you are taking on. Horses require daily feeding, exercise and attention. You’ll need to become an early bird, that’s for sure! Make sure you can give it to them. Then, make a full budget analysis. There are lots of costs including farrier bills, boarding, equipment, and vet bills. Set aside at least 50% more for miscellaneous costs and emergencies too.

  1. Don’t buy before you see the horse

It might sound like obvious advice, but some buyers do buy their horse without seeing them. You need to get to know the animal and see its temperament for yourself. Ride the horse and spend some time with them. Are they right for you?

If you’re not sure you’re 100% ready to buy, most stables allow you to lease your animal. Try a six month lease to start with. If you’re begging for more time with your horse, you’re ready to buy.

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