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4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Nobody wants to live in a cramped, claustrophobic home. But that’s what a lot of us are doing right now! Most of us are guilty of letting our home fill up with stuff we don’t really need. That’s not the only thing that takes up space. Here are 4 ways to make your home feel more spacious.

  1. Minimize Your Furniture

Think about it, your furniture takes up the most floor space in your house. Therefore, it makes sense to use less furniture or buy chairs and sofas that take up a little less space. A lot of us have more furniture than we probably need, so by minimizing the amount you have, you’ll create a lot more space.

Bulky furniture is the kind you should avoid, especially if you have a relatively small space to work with. If your furniture is too big for your room, you’ll make the space feel more confined, and that’s not the kind of effect you want to create.

  1. Put Your Excess Possessions in Storage

If you’re a bit of a hoarder and you’re not very good at parting with your possessions, you should consider placing some of your stuff in storage. Try going through all your stuff and place different items in different categories. You could make one pile for things you want to throw away, another for what you want to keep in the house, and a final one for things to be put into storage.

Renting out storage space might be costly, but it might be worth it when you have a clear, spacious home to go back to after you’ve dropped your clutter off. Go down to First Choice Mini Storage and pick what size storage unit you need. If you choose a small one, the costs can be kept pretty low.

  1. Create Clear Pathways

Having to constantly step over things in your house and struggle through the maze of clutter and furniture can make small rooms feel even smaller. Every room in your house should have as much clear floor space as possible, which means creating clear pathways for people to walk through.

Simply walking through your house shouldn’t be a task, and if it is, that tells you something has gone badly wrong! It’s not difficult to make clear pathways though, you just have to make an effort to arrange your rooms carefully and don’t let your junk and clutter take up vital floor space.

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  1. Clean the House Weekly

Having a clean home is a more spacious home. If you don’t tidy up and have mess filling your rooms, the room will feel more cluttered and cramped. Keeping it clean will make you feel more positively about the space you have, so don’t underestimate the impact cleaning the house can have.

To make sure the dirt and the clutter doesn’t pile up too much, make sure you clean the house regularly. I’d recommend doing at least once a week, but tidying up as you go along is always a good idea too.

Making your home feel more spacious isn’t so difficult. Just follow my advice and you’ll feel the difference instantly!

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