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3 Tips for Making Your First Business Trip

Going on your first business trip can be very exciting. Not only is it a chance for you to seal a new deal and strengthen relationships with existing business partners, but it also gives you a chance – albeit short – to check out a new place. If you’re a first time business traveller and looking for some tips to make the experience as great and hassle-free as possible, then read on. Here are three tips that will make your first ever business trip a great success.

Go Carry-on if Possible

If the length of your business trip errs on the short side, then forget about taking check-in luggage with you and opt instead for carry-on only. There’s never any guarantee that your checked in luggage will be there for you when you arrive at your destination. It may be delayed – or it may not even arrive at all. You don’t need that. Prevent this from ever being a problem for you and only take carry-on when you travel for business. This way you will always have everything you need with you at all times.

Use the Professionals

Although you may feel comfortable booking your own personal holiday through the Internet and feel little need to contact a travel agent whenever your feet start to itch, there are a number of advantages to using a corporate travel agency to handle all your business-related travelling needs. Not only can they find the cheapest and most convenient flight for you, but they can also add a ton of value to the booking: e.g., more hotel inclusions, free seat selection, and free airport pickups. Many of the best corporate travel agencies – such as Corporate Traveller
– have longstanding relationships with hotels and airlines, giving them much better bargaining power when making a booking on your behalf. Of course, travel agencies can also help you in your time of need if something comes up on your business trip. So put your pride aside and consider using the services of a professional on your first (and subsequent) business trips.

Email Copies of your Travel Plans to Yourself

In addition to printing out boarding passes, hotel reservations, car transfer vouchers and bringing along copies of your passport and other photo ID, make sure you also email copies of these important documents to yourself – just in case you lose the hard copies or have them stolen. Having a soft copy on hand at all times can save you unnecessary frustration and delay, and will give you that added peace of mind. You may also like to use the TripIt phone app to keep all your important trip details in the one place. The TripIt app (for iPhone and Android) can give you all the information you need literally at your fingertips.

So there you have it. What other tips would you give the first time business traveller to make their trip as successful as possible? Leave your comments below and contribute to the discussion today.

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