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3 Common Home Problems That Will Ruin Your Christmas

No season causes as much havoc to your home than winter. The cooler temperature, the ice, the snow and the wet all contribute to a build up the potential of a danger spot. So, as the colder temperatures loom and we approach the festive period, it’s the ideal time to check for anything that could cause you problems. You don’t want the big day to arrive with an extensive bill from Santa, do you? Let’s start with one of the biggest culprits, and one of the things that can spell instant trouble – the boiler.

Boiler issues

Let’s face it, other than missing a couple of hot showers, who cares if their boiler breaks down during the summer? Even if it takes a week to fix, it doesn’t affect our lives a great deal, and it’s simply an inconvenience rather than anything else. But in winter? It can be a living nightmare – and can cost you a fortune.

So, your best bet is to make sure your boiler – and heating system – are all up to scratch. Get a service on it and make sure it’s in the best condition possible for the cold weather. As soon as there is a heavy frost in the air of a morning, you are likely to have your heating on almost permanently. And, when that happens, it is more liable to go wrong – unless it has been serviced.

Freezing pipes

If you were to strip away your home and take away all the walls, you might be surprised by the amount of piping that you find. It can travel enormous distances – even in a small house. The trouble is that at any point, your pipes can just freeze up when the temperature drops. And, when they do, there is an excellent chance that they will burst due to the increase in size. As soon as they warm up again, you are going to experience flooding of some degree.

Your best bet is to keep your home as warm as you can, all of the time. In fact, this is an excellent all-round tactic anyway, as leaving your heating on low can keep the house at a steady temperature – and it will stay warm.

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The roof

Just as your pipes can suffer during winter, so can your roof. All that harsh weather gives it a bit of a pounding to be honest. If there are any issues up there before winter, they are only going to get worse. The smallest little crack could get bigger, for example. And, by the time the ice thaws and it gets warmer, you could have a significantly bigger hole to deal with – or worse.

So, during the fall, it’s a wise idea to check your loft or attic space. Look for any leaks or drafts, and if you have any concern at all, hire a roofing expert to go up top. Yes, it might cost a little – but if you leave it to the elements, you could be in for an even more expensive surprise early next year.

And there you have it – the three biggest issues that your home will face leading up to Christmas – and beyond. Get them sorted now – or it could be the most expensive festive period you have experienced!

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